Fat Sick and Nearly Dead Review

Fat sick and nearly dead is a documentary which focuses on one mans battle with obesity and disease, using juicing as a way to improve his health and of course, lose weight on the whole.
The main “character” in this documentary is a guy called Joe Cross. Now Joe is overweight, but he also has an auto-immune disease and overall isn’t in the best shape when he starts off on this journey. He decides now is the time to change his life and goes on a 60-day road trip, while also juice fasting. He calls it the reboot juice fast, basically a crash diet where the juice is made from a blend of fruits and green vegetables. That’s it, just juice for 60 days.

joe cross

On his travels, Joe comes across somebody who ends up getting drawn into the documentary because of his own quite poor situation. This man is Phil Staples and he is a truck driver, and a morbidly obese one at that. He’s depressed and quite frankly, not going anywhere fast. Joe convinces Phil to come on this juice fasting-road trip journey with him and throughout the show, they become firm friends. Getting Phil on board just shows how persuasive Joe is as a person. To cut a long story short, BOTH men end up getting amazing results from this program. But the main question from viewers is, are these results sustainable ones? You can read about the sick fat and nearly dead diet here.

Both men lose weight but one of the amazing things about Joe, is that in addition to losing a massive 90 pounds – he also managed to eliminate the symptoms of his disease and was able to come off his medication. This just proves that SO many health conditions can be solved by weight loss and that’s gotta be a good thing. Joe’s confidence as a result of losing weight is obvious and it’s absolutely amazing that he was basically able to become a different man.

So what did the document achieve and what did it not show as well as it should have? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of fat sick and nearly dead in my unbiased opinion.

– Obviously the biggest benefit is that the men both lost weight and managed to successfully transform their lives. This could be inspirational to other people watching the documentary who also need to lose weight.
– BOTH men managed to come off different types of medication after completing their 60 day juice fast. That is absolutely incredible and shows the knock on effects weight loss and improving your health can really have.
– Joe Cross is a really charming guy and he is very honest in his story and what he has been through. He talks about his struggles and goals for the future with such positivity, which makes it a really inspiring documentary to watch.
– They educated a little on juicing and what it is all about. There is no doubt that there are many benefits in regards to drinking natural juice on a regular basis, so it’s good that they got that message out there.


– Everybody knows that the only way to lose weight and KEEP it off is by eating healthy and exercising regularly. This was not something that was spoken about in fat sick and nearly dead. While it is clear that the 60 day juicing reboot did work, this is not something that can be kept up forever.
A juice fast is basically a fad diets and fad diets are not known to be very effective. They are great for short term success but not so much in the long term. Hopefully after the road trip, Joe Cross was able to put healthier methods in place in order to sustain his new weight.

On the whole, fat sick and nearly dead was a quality documentary that achieved its purpose. It teaches people that they can get what they want if they just go for it and put in the commitment. While the subject of going on a juice only diet is controversial, there is no doubt that for Joe (and also Phil) benefited hugely from it. To anyone who is interested in juicing or just needs a bit of weight loss inspiration, fat sick and nearly dead is definitely worth a watch.

Documentaries and the Film Industry

Difference and Similarities Between Documentaries and Mainstream Movies

1. Purpose and Plot

Documentaries are not like commercial or general movies. General movies are made for profits. A mainstream movie can be made on fantasy or imaginary ideas. But, documentaries have informational purposes.
Ordinary movies often have a one-sided perspective. These movies showcase the world with a particular point-of-view. As a result, the plot may lack various types of opinions. Documentary films express and describe opinions from all sides. It can be said that a documentary film may contain opinions in favor and against the topic.
The purpose of ordinary movies is to impress the viewers. Ordinary or mainstream movies always strive to balance their stories. The work of grandeur and glamour fill these movies. But, documentary films are not the work of fiction. That’s why it contains raw information. It’s not made to impress the viewers. It presents real facts and supports it with strong evidence.

2. Production Costs or Budgets
A mainstream movie has a commercial purpose. It has a wide range of audience. Moreover, commercial movies convince their viewers to believe what they see. That’s why a huge budget is spent on these ordinary or mainstream movies.
For Instance – An ordinary film may have some action scenes. To shoot the scenes millions of dollars can be spent.
But documentaries don’t rely on animations and risky action scenes. A documentary can show some real videos from the news. Hence, the production cost of documentaries may not be as much as the mainstream movies.
Apart from that, documentaries don’t spend budgets on actors and actresses. In some rare cases, documentaries may require actors and actresses. But, acting is an essential part of a mainstream movie. So, they spend a big budget on the skilled actors and actresses.
Some documentaries research deep on the topic. In that case. documentary makers may have to spend a good budget. The producers may have to shoot in different locations. They may even have to bribe some people to get ‘the true’ information. Only in these cases, a documentary can be expensive.

3. Production Time

The average production time of an ordinary film can be 1 to 2 years. Though, some films may take more than 5 years to complete.
In the case of documentaries, time is a complex factor. The subject of the documentary plays an important role. A documentary on a complex subject may take years to complete.
For example – A documentary on environment pollution may take a few months to finish. But a documentary on data hacking may take a long time to finish.
So, the subject of a documentary decides the production time of the documentary.

4. Profit
Ordinary movies or mainstream movies are made for profits. Most of these mainstream movies make a profit. But most of the documentaries fail to earn a profit.
Documentaries are uploaded on the internet. People watch them for free. Sometimes documentary films are shown at the festivals. But without grandeur documentary films don’t attract a huge amount of viewers.

5. Viewership


Mainstream or general movies have a wide range of audience. Children, women, and adults can select their movie types. Hence, mainstream movies have global viewers.
Documentaries are full of knowledge and information. Very few people love to watch documentary films. To some people, it’s boring and dull. So, documentary films have a small viewership.

Nowadays the subject matters of documentary films are getting interesting. Documentaries are being presented in a new way. So, gradually more people are getting interested in documentaries.

Documentaries Can Change The World

In today’s materialistic world finding the sources of reliable information and things to educate you is as important as it has ever been. Most of the events happening throughout the world are based on our knowledge to obtain things share them and repeat such events. They also demand that we should go forward to find the quality sources of information about what is happening in our world. Documentaries can be a good source for all such information. One can change his life with the help of the information provided by a documentary which in turn can change the entire world one day.

Documentaries can educate you

Most documentaries are the good source of in-depth information which can be used as a platform to discuss the things more effectively. As a powerful tool, a documentary provides important subjects in an attractive manner that can be used to start a conversation and even a movement for society at times. The feature-length and character-based documentaries show global issues through the stories of a distant or unrelated real person. The dedicated maker of these documentaries helps in encouraging us to take action after seeing and hearing the experiences shown in these films. These films work as a bridge between the compassion and engagements of the viewers and the needy people.

Improve your engagement with your friends

Along with allowing you to understand the world around you documentaries can also help in engaging you with your friends so that you can gather them to watch them and talk about the important problems of the time. Though it is important to watch as many documentaries as you can but you cannot ignore the importance of talking on them. These face-to-face conversations also allow you to meet your friends face-to-face whom you might have not met since long due to your 24/7 busyness on social media. These discussions can also help in knowing about the views and problems of the people on the other side as well as problems and complications faced by the people living in different conditions.

Establish film clubs

You can easily understand the potential of the documentaries as they can encourage people to establish film clubs. In film clubs, people not only watch documentaries together but also discuss the issues raised in them in real-time. These film clubs are like book clubs that give you an opportunity not only to learn something but also remain engaged with them and gather others to take action o the issues discussed in them. In this way documentaries allow you to gather knowledge, energy, and resources to work collectively to make the world a better place to live in. thus, establishing film clubs can be an effective way to form a group of busy individuals to watch documentaries and start a timely discussion on the issues shown in its content.

Thus, it can be said that documentaries have the potential to change the world as they are a good source of in-depth information about a certain topic. This information can encourage you to discuss the issues and step forward to resolve them.